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Here At Location our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.


landlord or Tenant we respect that money is made by hard work and we aim to keep cost low without cutting corners protecting your money. We are members of PRS and UKALA hence all our clinet money protection is protected by UKALA TOTAL LOSS CMP


We focus on each client to the heart of thinking and doing to ensure we match their needs and expectations, offering a specialist and impartial advise across a wide range of services. Unlike other agents we are always happy to listen to your say and will make your requested amendment in the agreement at no extra cost (only applicable to tenancy agreements)  


We always effectively market your property with a number of protals and other means of marketing as well as finding properties for you to either buy or rent. We take care of all your sales and lettings needs as well as providing a full range of other services as as mortgages, home improvements, property license/inpesctions to HMO/Planning/H&S upgardes, we always offer a very competitive price and a aim to deliver you the very best of service. 


We will always be proactive, and provide a open and honest communication during every transaction, giving you the right information at the right time, in the right way. All our fees and services will be explained up front and provided in black and white meaning you will never have a surprise cost ! 


Our Business manager has over 18 years of experience and is qualified by level 3 examination by NAEA (National association of Estates Agents) and we ensure we keep all our paperwork up to date and backed by RLA ans NALS. We are members of PRS and UKALA, UKALA TOTAL LOSS CMP, AML HMRC, and Work alongside with reliable companies such a UKALA, NALS, NRLA, NCA, Zero Deposit, Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes and companies like Homelet and Letalliance we will ensure everything we do with is totally backed up with industry experts, is reliable and on point.  


At Location Real Estates are playing our part towards our environment to save our air,soil,water, animals and plants by going totally paperless and now fully digital and Hence gone Go Green. 


Paper production causes severe damage to the environment, including our air, water, and soil and increases global warming process. There is a strong link between high levels of atmospheric gas, and increased deaths and respiratory illnesses.


When there are fewer trees, there’s less water! Through this, our soils become drier, negatively affecting its ability to sustain life— for both plants, and organisms. When trees are removed, more UV rays are able to penetrate the ground.


Deforestation threatens our planet’s biodiversity and contributes to species endangerment. Approximately 80% of the world’s land animals and plants live in forests. The removal of trees also means the destruction of their habitats and the introduction of pesticides into their ecosystem.


Each year, the world manufactures more than 300 million tons of paper, with 1 million tons of paper used each day. Unfortunately, paper mills emit and release upwards of 220m lbs of toxins each year, A measly 1 ton of paper creates 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide. They are the largest industrial consumer of water. 1.5 cups of water is needed to make one single sheet of paper, and approximately 300,000 litres are needed for 1 ton.To produce one ton of paper, 253 gallons of petrol are used.


The damage is unlimited and we need to act today, to have a better tomorrow.

Business Manager:

Mr Adeel Hassan (BSc(Hons), NAEA)


Email: Hassan@atlocation.co.uk

Email: info@atlocation.co.uk

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